Miles Park BBQ Outreach

Saturday Nov. 28, 2009


Summary ::

We held a BBQ at Miles Park, a trailer park community down in Indio. The event was sudden and nobody in the area had been informed. So we had HSE students split up into groups to go into the nearby neighborhood to spread the news about the event. We also held a free raffle and had face painting for the children. Despite the spontaneity of the BBQ, the turnout was amazing, and everyone had a great time. It was a blessing to serve this community and see the way God’s Love impacted them.


Testimony ::

Claudia Rios ::

Today we had a BBQ at Miles Park. Part way through, after the BBQ, we had a raffle for some CD players. I was engaging in conversation with a woman and her two children about how she never wins anything, I could relate to her because I never win anything either. The conversation turned to prayer and she related how she was skeptical about faith and that prayer never got her anything.

Her children on the other hand had “child-like faith” and were all about praying to win a prize, I encouraged the woman to really mean what she prays, we prayed together and two tickets later, her name was drawn. It was such a small thing, but she couldn’t stop talking about how such a small prayer increased her faith. She couldn’t stop hugging me and left the BBQ with a new perspective and a “child-like faith.”


Tyler Ream ::

Today was amazing! We did a BBQ at miles park in Indio. I was sitting down eating lunch and Matt Carr and Diana Navarro were talking to an older woman named Delores at my table. Diana said “this young man has a very good testimony. He fell off a third story balcony and landed on his head.” Delores then turned to me and said, “My son fell off a fourth story balcony and landed on his head, and died in April.” My heart immediately went out to Delores.

Delores really wanted to find a church in the area. We took her to the Narrow Door to talk with Dave Ramirez (the head of Narrow Door Ministries). Dave knows the area well, and all the churches nearby, so he definitely knew of a church for Delores to go to. She ended up finding a church that both her and her sister could attend.

There were lots of really cool things that happened in Delores’ life today. I could tell that she was encouraged by me being there. I thank God for this divine appointment and I pray for more like today’s!


Love Out Loud Tour :: Miles Park BBQ Outreach

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